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What if Jennifer had not switched to Low-Carb 20y ago?
And what would've happened if she'd continued using Sugar 24y ago?

So many people who have been very careful not to gain too much weight - that didn't ever let their weight-gain get out of control, are often told that they're "just lucky" or they just have "good genes" etc. So they're left wondering ... "What if I'd not been careful? What if I'd not switched to Low-Carb?" The only way they can get a reliable answer to that question, is if they have a twin (or very similar genetic-sibling close enough in age) that did not switch to Low-Carb, but rather stuck to the traditional (High-carb + Processed food) diet. It would be more intriguing yet, if that sibling reduced fat consumption as well ie. Followed a Low-Fat diet whilst upping (or not being bothered by) carbs, as these are sold to us under the guise of being "Low-Fat". On this team we have exactly such a case. Jennifer was estranged from her old birth family - her mother disowned her for daring to follow her heart and marry a man of German-French-Dutch descent, instead of the mother's hand-picked rich and well-connected British-heir, who went to school with Prince Andrew. The upshot of all of that was, basically, for daring to say "No, I'll choose whom to love, whom to marry and whom to spend the rest of my life with, mother - that's not your choice to make!" Jennifer was driven away, and kept away from their very British family. So for 25yrs (since almost age 35) she's not seen or had contact with her genetic sister - who lives in Canada, still with mother - a life-time, avid Low-Fat adherent! Then suddenly one day, she was presented with a photo of her sister at age 55 - along with important health updates by a relative. So I hunted for a similar photo of Jen (specifically also at age 55) standing the same way. Here they are, standing side by side again. Suddenly, Jennifer had visual verification of exactly what would have happened if she stayed on the Low-Fat, High-Carb band-wagon. But that's (sadly) not all she found. Her sister had several run-ins with major life-threatening diseases - ones that just do not run in their family, ones that clearly had to have been caused through diet! That's the only major difference in their lifestyles. Like her sister, Jennifer too is rather sedentary, neither smoke or drink much alcohol (their mother strictly enforced all these things!) and they both started at much the same weight in their early 30's (when they last met) when both were slim & trim and neither had major health problems. So really, it all came down to diet! Jennifer's isolation by "mother" from all of her old family, was a blessing! She was free to choose her own destiny - to love whom she chose and live where she wanted (she moved way south of Canada) and to follow a diet not chosen by their overbearing mother - rather one chosen by her, after careful research. Not long after they all last met, Jennifer Eloff chose to Low-Carb. She also chose to avoid SUGAR or HFCS almost entirely, using instead a variety of alternative sweeteners - primarily Splenda, Erythritol, Stevia and she used Butter rather than Trans-fat laden margarines or vegetable shortenings. She went on to develop and write Low-Carb cookbooks, and founded the World's #1 Low-Carb team of expert, professional Low-Carb recipe creators "Low-Carbing Among Friends" who, with almost 1 MILLION likes of their Facebook page, for 3 years now, continue to lead the Low-Carb world, helping people recover their health and figures and to regain hope. Famous fellow teammate George Stella, is a fine example of "coming back from the brink". He once weighing 467lbs and was stuck in a wheelchair with a failing heart. George lost 260lbs by switching to Low-Carb and regained his health. Now, almost 2 decades later, George is still constantly inspiring others in similar situations. That's what our team does - we help others. We all do have professional Low-Carb Cookbooks that we sell to support ourselves and our families (buying them is a fine way to support this unique team!) but we give a lot of our recipes away free of charge, daily.

DISCLAIMER: Jennifer wasn't in favor of sharing this photo of her sister, but I told her that this unique case-study has a real potential to save lives! I assured her that this page won't display in Canada (where her sister lives) so she'll not be embarrassed by it. Jen wasn't able to help her sister, but this article will hopefully alert people about the very real dangers of a bad diet. We hope somewhere someone's life will be saved!


FOOTNOTE: Jennifer Eloff was the first cookbook author in the world (for about 7-8 years) to have access to SPLENDA and use it in her recipes and cookbooks. Now, 24 years later, she still uses it. Her family (2 young boys and her hubby) also used it. In fact, her family's easily the world's biggest users of SPLENDA - having used about 500 cups per person per year for the first 10y of her cookbook development. That's way more per person (in even one year!) than most people will use in 10 years. One has to stop and think what their health (and weight) would be like now if they had each used 500 cups of SUGAR per year for the last 24 years! Statistically they'd be obese, battling Diabetes or some other diseases (including Heart-disease) or maybe even dead? Her boys are all grown-up (ages 32 and 29) her hubby has just turned 60, and she's about to turn 60. All of them showed improved health over their early "SUGAR YEARS" - and apart from Jennifer's Hashis (a lot of women get that!) they're all healthy and not obese. Since obesity is a well known cause of cancers, and cancer does not run in her family (at all!) - the only conclusion we can draw is that her sister's cancer was as a direct result of her fondness for SUGAR (candy and soda-pop) and her penchant for Fast-foods, Pasta and Bread as well as substituting Margarines and Processed oils (trans-fats) for  Butter and animals fats. We do now know that her DIET, plus being severely overweight, has a major impact on the chances of getting at least 3 cancers: Breast, Colorectal and Endometrial Cancers. Since then, her sister's cancer has returned. What we do know today is that a Ketogenic diet (very Low-carb + High-fat) is more effective than Chemotherapy. So the sad truth is that Jen's sister would have benefitted greatly by ignoring her mother's pressure to shun Jennifer, and rather staying in touch with her older (world-famous low-Carb) sister! But her mother forbade even use of a PC, the internet and smart-phones (imagine that ... no Facebook, Email or Google!) lest the sister or dad try to contact Jen, who, as you can see, is really easy to find on the Internet. Couple that with the mother's fixation on not using butter or artificial sweeteners, but sticking to SUGAR and using Margarine and vegetable shortening, and we have a recipe for disaster! Jen's sister has paid a very high price for listening to her mother on a whole range of issues. In the 24 years SPLENDA has been available, there's not 1 death attributable to it! Contrast that with 180,000 deaths a year linked to SUGAR! Let's do the math: ZERO deaths for SPLENDA vs (24 x 180,000) = almost 5 MILLION Deaths from SUGAR in 24yrs! So whenever you see "Internet hype" on "the dangers of Splenda" ... just stop and realize that's all imaginary! BUT the sad "hidden truth" is that for decades SUGAR has killed a lot of people and made others unhealthy + obese, whilst the cleverly plotted to divert attention away from SUGAR and instead to place all of that blame on Natural fats. SUGAR's "the new TOBACCO" of our age, and since SPLENDA is it's main competitor, the rich, powerful SUGAR INDUSTRY has spread a lot of misinformation about it's safety, while trying their best to hide the very real dangers of SUGAR! We provide several alternatives (Stevia too) to use in place of SUGAR in our "Low-Carbing Among Friends" series of cookbooks. It's your choice! If you believe the hype about the leading sweetener, then use any sweetener you like! Jennifer's family still preferentially uses Splenda. For them it's been a good choice. Using that much SUGAR instead of Splenda for the past 24y would have led to disaster! FACT: Average USA SUGAR consumption now stands at 180lbs per person annually. Using any approved artificial sweetener would be less dangerous!

DISCLAIMER: Jennifer & her family don't profit from the sale or use of SPLENDA - they use it because for them it's had a blemish-free track-record over the last 24 years.

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