Still the world's  most comprehensive and trusted collection of  Splenda based Low-Carb and Diabetes management cookbooks,   in 1993 (for several years) they were also the 1st. such cookbooks in the world.

More Spld Low-CarbingMore Splendid Low-Carbing

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(Below) young mom Jen (28) before becoming a low-carb author (RHS) Jen (35) when she posed for the art portrait "Born Again" which appears on the back of Splendid Low-Carbing. Low-Carb living has enabled her to keep her weight under control for decades


Jennifer (LHS) at 48 (Oct 26th 2004) - the day she finished
the latest cookbook in her series of 5 Fabulous
Splendid Low-Carb TM  
Splenda Cookbooks
Jennifer (RHS) almost 55 (Oct 11th 2011) after finishing
the latest cookbook "
Low-Carbing among friends"
A time when most cookbook authors want to hide their scale!

Jen 30yrs later (58) March 14th, 2015 - dancing with hubby Ian at their son's wedding
You may be tempted to say: "It's not Low-Carb - it's just in her genes to so be petite!"
(PHOTOS used with permission) The intent here isn't to brag or embarrass anyone, but to show how bad Low-Fat/High-carb diets are for us all!

A common challenge for anyone on restrictive diets is "boredom". We simply miss our favorite foods! Another is "Trying to lose that last stubborn 10-25lbs". Jennifer has "been there ... done that" and knows exactly how you feel! For almost 14 years now, Jennifer has been writing best selling cookbooks - which involves creating and eating many fabulously rich desserts and main courses, and she is living proof that eating these fabulous meals, contained in her books, need not interfere with our ongoing weight control efforts, or compromise our health. Her low-carb recipes represent a welcome breakthrough in reducing carbs and returning many of our sorely missed, great tasting, favorite old "comfort foods" to us, and introducing new one's to us. All (100%) of the recipes in these 4 books are < 10g carbs  per serving, while most (70%) are < 5g carbs per serving and many (40%) are < 3g carbs per serving! After personally developing and then consuming the 1,000's of recipes that appear in her Low-carb cookbooks, Jen is undeniable living-proof (click for Before & After pics) of the effectiveness of the low-carb-lifestyle and of the many fine recipes that make up her Splendid Low-CarbingTM series of cookbooks. Not only were the above photos of Jen taken on the day she finished "Splendid Low-Carbing for life vol-2", but they mark the end of nearly 18 months in which she developed and published her last 3 cookbooks (back-to-back) and this during a time when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Hypo-thyroid) which makes weight loss very tough indeed! Chances are you will never see or eat as much food as what Jen has had to deal with in the last few years ... and just look at her now. Jen's books ensure your diet is not compromised!

Splendid Low-Carb More Splendid Low-Carb

                  Our National Bestseller ...
All it's 353 tasty recipes are under 10g carbs/serving, 75% are under 5g, and 40% are under 3g! Finally the increasingly popular low-carb diets can also be tasty sustainable diets. This book is a "National Bestseller", and a genuine "Low-carb treasure"! Jennifer, an avid fellow low-carber, not only "talks the talk" but she successfully, at 47 and with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Hypothyroid), "walks the walk"! She has managed to force her weight down and still manages to stay trim and fit, while not giving up on the many Culinary delights that add so much pleasure to life and living. After all, why should we have to skimp on life's many tasty pleasures? That's not necessary!
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              and the Perfect Sequel ...
  More Splendid Low-Carbing
All 165 tasty recipes are under 10g carbs/serving, 75% are under 5g, and 50% are under 3g! It's breads, buns, and Candy bar recipes alone pay for this book. It  features the highly effective "Fat-fast" and is almost a "National bestseller" as well. It's not tough to see why so many serious low-carbers love her books ... Jennifer takes great pains to ensure that NONE of her recipes compromise her and their hard-won weight-loss victories. So many books are rushed to market claiming to be full of "low-Carb" recipes, and many of their recipes, sadly, are just plain "saboteurs".
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from us directly

More Splendid Low-CarbMore Splendid Low-Carb  Splendid Low-Carb

Volume-1  (Inspired Low-Carb Gems!)   Volume-2
Splendid Low-Carbing for life vl & v2
All (100%) recipes are < 10g carbs/serving,  while 75% are under 6g,  and 42% are < 3g! Jennifer's latest splendid books are just filled with recipes once thought to be lost forever to us low-carbers - and they just keep getting better and better!  Jennifer takes great pains to ensure that her and your hard-won weight-loss Victories are NOT compromised! After all,  what is the point to buying a cheap book of 1,000 recipes only to have so many of those recipes set us back that 1 pound and perhaps many more? That's just so disheartening and certainly such a book is no low-carb bargain! For Jennifer, as for you folks, Low-Carbing is a way of life and each pound lost is a victory.
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HOT of the press, a HUGE breakthrough!
Low-Carb Desserts
All of these tasty DESSERTS are under 10g carbs/serving, 60% are under 6g, and 34% are under 3g! Finally we low-carbers have got our "just Desserts" ... and from the World's original bestselling "Splenda Author" and avid fellow Low-carber at that! Now we can all enjoy Great tasting, Rich, deliciously Sweet, Yummy,  Scrumptious Desserts - and all of these super recipes meet the most stringent low-carb guidelines of all the  increasingly popular low-carb diets!  Low Carb Diets can now also be tasty sustainable diets in every sense of these words, now including fabulous desserts!
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from us directly

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2 National bestseller Sugarless,
, low-cal,
Splenda Cookbooks

Ideal for managing diabetes conventionally ... Fabulous dessert recipes! Rich cheesecakes, pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, jams etc. All of the recipes are reduced in carbs and fat, lower calorie, and also Sugar free! These books of the "Splendid DessertsTM" series, are "a must" for people coping with diabetes or people just trying to cut back on sugar, or trying to lose weight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By substituting Jennifers low-carb bake mixes from the low carb books (above) in place of flour, and butter for margarine - the already substantially carb-reduced recipes of these two "Best Sellers", (below) become quite suitable for most low-carb diets, giving us low-carbers instant access to many of the Splendid Desserts contained in these 2 books. However, these 2 books of the "Splendid DessertsTM" series, were developed with moderate fat & carb reduction in mind - specifically to help people coping with diabetes the conventional way.

Splenda Dessert Cookbook Splenda Dessert Cookbook

          Splendid DessertsTM
More than a decade old, this National Best selling book was the world's first cookbook to use Splenda to replace sugar in all of it's recipes. Splenda was first approved for use by Canada, back in 1991, many years before FDA approval, thus the early development of alll of these books. This book became the "Gold Standard" for folks wanting to learn how to best use this revolutionary sweetener to replace SUGAR, reduce FAT, and still enjoy many Splendid Desserts and fabulous baked goodies.
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     More Splendid DessertsTM
An inspired and ambitious sequel to "Splendid Desserts". For it's development, Jennifer enlisted the Diabetes Association's expertise to analyze each recipe. Their food choice values and symbols appear alongside each recipe. Included is a very detailed nutritional analysis of each of it's recipes. It has been a favorite of so many people over the last six years and is also a National Bestseller. It has been translated into French and sold in many countries. A perfect compliment to bestselling Splendid Desserts!
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from us directly

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