Below are our pre low-carbing pics: Jennifer (43) and Ian (44)

By 1999, Jennifer had spent the whole of the 90’s developing and testing dessert recipes for people coping with Diabetes. After having written 3 such books, 2 of which were "National bestsellers", using the ADA and CDA guidelines, the best we could do (approaching our mid 40's) as can be seen from our faces, was to be happy but quite chubby! Clearly their dietary guidelines were keeping us plump! My BP was in the 140/98 range, without sugar, a reduced/low fat diet, with margarine instead of butter, few eggs and little bacon, cheese or cream.

It was obvious that change was needed! So in 1999 we "embraced" the low-carb lifestyle, and pretty soon, even after developing and testing 100's of Low-carb recipes for "Splendid Low-Carbing", here we are again:

“Christmas 2000” ... and we were now decidedly leaner! Jennifer's HDL-Cholesterol and Tri-Glyceride levels were excellent and my blood pressure and blood-sugar were again closer to "normal" ranges.

So below (approaching 46) Jennifer is pictured along with her sons celebrating the publishing of “More Splendid Low-Carbing" - the sequel to her National Best-selling “Splendid Low-Carbing”, looking decidedly skinnier - on top of the world again" You know, it sure is a really neat feeling!

So, after 4+ years of low-carbing, (Ian cheats more often than Jen does), with butter instead of margarine, lot's of eggs, cheese, steak, bacon, cream, cream cheese, sour cream etc. here are our cholesterol ratios:

Jen (46): TOTAL/HDL= 3.3 TRI/HDL=0.27 LDL/HDL=2.14 TSH=6.72 (BP = perfect)

Note: Jen was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (generally this is thought to run in families and is quite common, especially in women, after and in their 40's) Since being treated with T4+T3, Jennifer's TSH has dropped to <  0.1 and her feeling of well-being is "perfect" and  is very generally very healthy! Both our blood sugar levels are consistently < normal  (not even a hint of Diabetes) and both our Tri-Glycerides levels are excellent and even my PSA levels are excellent too. 

Ian (47):  TOTAL/HDL=5.2 TRI/HDL=0.57 LDL/HDL=3.99 TSH=1.86 BP=134/82 PSA=0.97

What is noteworthy is that Jen had been on the "FAT-FAST" in which as much as 70%-80% of her daily calories came from fat, and just like an Eskimo, Jen thrived on it! Also, I went to Africa for 2 months - on 2 separate trips, and OD'd on carbs ... so my profile could have been quite a bit better.



Jennifer, at 48 (Oct 26th 2004) - the day she finished
the latest cookbook in her series of 5 Fabulous
Splendid Low-Carb TM  
Splenda® Cookbooks
A time when most cookbook authors want to hide their scale!
Jen developed the fabulous recipes (in her 5 Low-carb books) over the last 5 yrs.

A common challenge for anyone on restrictive diets is "boredom". We simply miss our favorite foods! Another is "Trying to lose that last stubborn 10-25lbs". Jennifer has "been there ... done that" and knows exactly how you feel! For almost 14 years now, Jennifer has been writing best selling cookbooks - which involves creating and eating many fabulously rich desserts and main courses, and she is living proof that eating these fabulous meals, contained in her books, need not interfere with our ongoing weight control efforts, or compromise our health. Her low-carb recipes represent a welcome breakthrough in reducing carbs and returning many of our sorely missed, great tasting, favorite old "comfort foods" to us, and introducing new one's to us. All (100%) of the recipes in these 4 books are < 10g carbs  per serving, while most (70%) are < 5g carbs per serving and many (40%) are < 3g carbs per serving! After personally developing and then consuming the 1,000's of recipes that appear in her Low-carb cookbooks, Jen is undeniable living-proof of the effectiveness of the low-carb-lifestyle and of the many fine recipes that make up her Splendid Low-CarbingTM series of cookbooks. Not only were the above photos of Jen taken on the day she finished "Splendid Low-Carbing for life vol-2", but they mark the end of nearly 18 months in which she developed and published her last 3 cookbooks (back-to-back) and this during a time when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Hypo-thyroid) which makes weight loss very tough indeed! Chances are you will never see or eat as much food as what Jen has had to deal with in the last few years ... and just look at her now. Jen's books ensure that your weight-loss is not compromised!

By the time Jennifer finished writing the sequel, "More Splendid Low-Carbing", in late 2002, this (LHS) is what she looked like (photo taken for and featured on the back of her new low-carb cookbook) Then just after "Low-Carbing among friends" (GLUTEN FREE - release Nov 2011) here (RHS) she is in late 2011, 10yrs later, more proof that even under the harshest conditions (developing 1,000's of recipes) low-carbing works very effectively to control weight, while allowing people to eat really tasty, satisfying meals ... and to improve their health!

Jennifer 45 (LHS) after 4 Cookbooks and Jennifer 55 (RHS) Oct 11, 2011, after 8 cookbooks
Warning: "Don't try this at home, on any other diet!" Now, on just about any diet, a good exercise program will help you stay leaner and look well toned, but (and this is just me) with me it's been mainly all about diet and only occasional exercise. Yes, I know I should change that someday.

Footnote: "Low-Carbing among friends" is also GLUTEN-FREE, and that one further refinement of the Low-Carb diet (similar to "Paleo") has meant that at 55, Ian's blood pressure dropped to the 115-120/75-80 range, on 1/4 of the medication he was on before, saving huge amount, 75% less spent on meds, that's a savings of > $1,000 per year! Better yet, giving we have one less thing to worry about, since high BP & strokes run in his family.

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