"My daughter and I tried a couple of recipes from your book and they were great! I have recommended it to several folks in a couple of Internet groups that I participate in."
- Laura Richards

"Thanks! Can't wait to get it. The first book is getting really worn from use, and I've only had it a few months! I look forward to another great bunch of recipes."
- Jenita (Missouri)

"I just want to say that your book is the greatest. I have over 10 books on cooking low carb, but honestly yours is the best."
- Jennifer Dwyer

"You are amazing! Mission Impossible's loss is the Low-Carber's gain!"
- Val

"Thanks again for providing me with the tools that I need to keep on the low carb way of life. I have been low carbing for over 2 years now keeping 50 pounds OFF."
- Renee Teigen

"Keep up the good work -- you make counting carbs a lot easier!! Keep creating new recipes!"
- Leslie

"The bake mixes are wonderfull!! Thanks again for your wonderful books & I look forward to your next low carb cookbook!"
- Carol Williams

I found your hamburger bun recipe FANTASTIC. It lifted the low carb meat scene to an all time high to have a burger with cheese and on a real great tasting wheaty bun. We could hardly believe we were on low carb. We also are in love with your baking mixes. We make wonderful pancakes and crepes which don't tatste of soy, (not a favorite of ours) Thank you so much for all of the hard work and creativity that it took to make these wonderful cookbooks. - Barbara Goldstein aka Barbo's Kitchen

"I often thank God for inspiring me to write these books. I humbly and freely acknowledge that they would not exist were it not for God's loving guidance. As a result, our family has been able to live more normal lives. We are healthier and it's been easier now to stay in control of our weight". Bon Appetit!
- Jennifer Eloff (Author)