Transfiguration ...

My wounds have healed,
and savage shame no longer can bind,
the eternal flame of love - still burning,
deep within the stillness of my mind.

As I entered the halls of forgiveness,
I saw blind angels crucified in awesome light,
taking on man's pain of years ...
fighting lying demons in the night.

The angel most blind and lame now took my hands,
and led me before the Lord God's throne ...
there as I wept the tears of the forgiven,
he forced my eyes to look down ... alone.

Down on the very brink of the apocalypse,
where evil waged war upon good,
and mankind damned through centuries of lust and hate,
cried out to be understood.

I turned my face away in shame,
after he opened the last door for me to see,
for there the blazing light ripped open angel's hearts ...
as they sang songs of hope for every woman and man to be set free.

Then upon that blind angel's lips ...
the one who'd first taken my trembling hands,
was the "secret of all secrets",
and the last of God's commands.

So it was here upon this bridge of blinding light,
that I pledged my faith to His dearest last command,
and now as Jesus placed his gentle healing hand upon my soul,
I knew it was only by God's love that I, forgiven, there could stand.

Sophia Dalle-Rubinstein (c) 16-March-2001